Jess (honeyxvanity) wrote,

For Sale!! PART TWO!

Anime, manga, video games, posters, wall scrolls, cosplay accessories, CDs, DVDs, Jrock, magazines, accessories & more for sale!


Prices are negotiable, does not include shipping~

Acceptable payment is paypal (credit and non-credit), check, money order, concealed cash at your own risk.

Thanks for looking (^o^)y

Sorry for the poor quality pictures :( if you would like to see better pictures, just let me know and I'll retake them~

Please check out part one of my sales in MY ENTRY HERE :)

I've also got some rare Jrock goods listed on ebay as well as flyer packets find them here.

FFVII Cloud Strife wall scroll $7

FFVII Sephiroth wall scroll $7

Revolutionary Girl Utena sticker sheets 4 for $2

h.NAOTO wrist cuff with snap closures $25 I bought this in the h.NAOTO store in Osaka in spring 2007 but haven't ever really worn it. Inside view of tag is here

Tenshi MUYO! art book $5
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Universe" & "finale" scorebook $10

GHOST IN THE SHELL Stand Alone Complex novel $8
Beverly Hills 90210 TV show photobook in JAPANESE $5
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Stay Away" & "Get out of the shell" scorebook $15

Fruits Basket Kyo cat plushie, sits about 12" tall $10

(all CDs do have their obis that came with one)
Sport memorial Sweat and Tears (features B'z, doa, ZARD, Mai Kuraki and more) $7
GARDEN - After $10
Japanesque Rock Collectionz Cure II UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS - $25

(all CDs do have their obis that came with one)
DBSK - Vol.4 MIROTIC (Korea Version B CD + DVD) $30
Charcoal Fliter - charcoal filter $10
Moi dix Mois - Beyond the Gate $20
Wang Leehom - Hear my voice $16

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Cure Japanesque Rock Collections Cure II Special DVD $20 This was never for sale!
CATACOMBS Trailer + comment DVD with Yoshiki $10 This was never for sale!

Making of Kagen no Tsuki -Last Quarter- DVD Starring HYDE & Hiroki Narimiya This does NOT have subtitles! $20
New Fist of the North Star DVD Volumes 1 & 2 (includes interviews with Gackt and the other voice actors) $7 each

X JAPAN cell phone strap BRAND NEW. From their first show in March 2008. I've never used it for fear of breaking it, so I'd rather sell it. bottom part is black on one side and silver on the other, has a small silver metal oval X JAPAN logo attached at the top. $25 ON HOLD

Dir en grey promo fan from Tower Records $10 other side looks like this:

the GazettE "Hyena" poster $15

Vidoll "BASTARD" promo poster $10

D'espairsRay "KAMIKAZE" promo poster $10

D'espairsRay poster from 2005 $20

Kagerou poster 1 from Cure magazine *poster is factory folded* $4

Kagerou poster 2 from Cure magazine *poster is factory folded* $4

Sheer scarf $4

beads 3 for $1

Various wristbands & Black light responsive spikey snap on bracelets $1 each I got these in a bulk pack, all are brand new.

Black leather 8' whip $5

Piano / Vocal / Guitar Books $5 each (Jethro Tull, Alien Ant Farm, Destiny's Child, 2 Madonna, 2 Backstreet Boys)
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